brand kimaye


Kimaye is a promise! A promise that embodies the spirit of what we stand for:


Every Kimaye product contributes to the prosperity of the local community

Through our farmer engagement, whether through contract farming or extension services, we assist and educate farmers to move to financially superior horticulture crop, create rural


Every Kimaye product is safe to consume with 100% traceability

It is a known fact that the entire fruits and vegetable industry suffers from extensive, indiscriminate and unhealthy use of chemicals – many times extremely harmful to its consumers. Kimaye stands for food safety. All our products meet most stringent European residue norms and every single fruit is fully traceable!


Every Kimaye product is environment friendly

More than 70% of Kimaye pomegranates are produced by making wastelands cultivable. 100% drip irrigation systems ensure reduction in water consumption by 80%! Knowledge-based systems reduce the usage of chemicals to bare minimum. More than 70% of the nutrition is provided through organic matter. Modern post-harvest infrastructure reduces supply chain loss to nearly zero!


Every Kimaye product has consistency in quality

You dont need to open a box to know what’s inside it. However, consistency is not restricted just to quality in looks, taste and health; but extends to timeliness of delivery, service and programs